Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Tempted" from House of Night Series **SPOILERS**

I was so excited to get to the bookstore to buy the next book in the House of Night series, written by P.C. Cast & her daughter Kristen Cast. Let me just start by saying these two women are a great writing team overall. I have enjoyed the whole series... the ups, the downs, even the teenage angst...which is saying a lot.

As I was saying, I couldn't wait to get my teeth into this book! As a kind of recap, Zoey Redbird is the main character, the heroine in this series. She has come from normal run-of-the-mill teen high school human to now, fledgling vampyre priestess. She was chosen by the goddess Nyx to be a vessel for her to get rid of evil and bring back her children to her. Each time something big occurs and Zoey saves her friends, or for that matter, the world, she gains these beautiful tattoos all over her body. The goddess Nyx gives these tattoos to identify her touch or her choosing of a fledgling. The more markings a fledgling receives, the closer they are to becoming a vampyre or priest/priestess.

The series left us with Zoey Redbird and her circle of friends, chasing off the immortal Kalona and the evil priestess Nefret. The last battle she faced almost killed her grandmother and her boy friend of interest, Stark.

In "Tempted”, we get to see more of Stevie Rae, now a red vampyre, and her red fledglings. We see a lot of Zoey POV and Stevie Rae POV. In this book, it is Stevie Rae's turn to keep secrets from Zoey.

Stevie Rae, having a new take on life, finds a Raven Mocker and realizes that he is part human. Therefore, she attempts to save his life and keep him from all her friends.

While all recover from the battle with Kalona, Zoey learns more of the location of Kalona and Neferet. Her pursuit takes her and her circle to Italy where Zoey must appear before the Vampyre council. While there, something happens to Zoey that was very disconcerting to me. Major cliffhanger!! I need the next book now because I am worried about Zoey & Stevie Rae!

Overall, I the book read quickly. Too quickly. I felt like this was a Part 1 to a multi-part book. I hate to have things left hanging.

...I'm watching for the next book!