Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Are You Addicted to Twitter?

This evening, I was flipping through Google looking for various things, you know, the usual stuff... pictures of Rob Pattinson, or Alex Skarsgard (both my very favorite vampires). Of course, at this point in time there are NO NEW pics. So, I cruise over to YouTube to find something smutty or endearing...anything. Each time I find something I send a little tweet... You KNOW what that is, otherwise you wouldn't be here. You send a micro blog (140 characters) of whatever piece of information that you feel is important. Of course, you're like most of us, we just KNOW there are people out there who really want to see this stuff...yeah, right.

OK, so I began to wonder, do I have a Twitter addiction? So I started searching the Internet to find out if I have an addiction to Twitter... I know I have many obsessions... but is Twitter one? Well, here are some things I found. These are in no particular order. And yes, I'm addicted to Twitter. I will tweet that this blog post is up.

  1. You're obsessed with how many followers you have or don't have and possess a master plan for getting your numbers up.

  2. You've got regular Twitter, Tweet Deck, and Twitter Mobile for complete uninterrupted professional tweeting.

  3. You’ve learned how to ration out your rate limit.

    You have 10-calls left to the API & it doesn't reset for another 45 minutes...yeah. You know what you have to do here but you’re jumpy. Edgy. You need to know what people are tweeting. You hate feeling left out. Boom. You blow your twitter load. See you in 45 minutes, Dumbass.

  4. You’ve used the phrase "I Should Tweet That."

    In real life, you’ve told someone or made a mental note to yourself that you should tweet about something. Worse, you’ve pulled out your phone and tweeted it while talking to someone.

  5. You Judge People On Their Following/Follower Count.

    [Some Wannabe] follows you.
    You don’t know anything about [Some Wannabe].
    You take a look at their image.
    They look nice enough.
    You take a look at their bio.
    Look! [Some Wannabe] likes "Vampire" books. Very Cool!
    Then you look at [Some Wannabe’s] following/follower count.
    1,237 following, 15 followers.
    Fuck [Some Wannabe], geez.
    Meanwhile, [Some Wannabe's] a nice person who just doesn’t know Twitter convention. Yet hundreds of people have told him to f-off in their minds.
    Am I right?
    That’s why [Some Wannabe's] reading books or some other shit and crying all over themselves right now.

  6. When Twitter Goes Down You Spiral Emotionally.

    The strongest sign of Twitter addiction is when it’s taken away from you. Like, first thing in the morning, every weekday, you log on and nothing happens. And when you see the Fail Whale, what do you do? You start thinking of what you’re going to tweet.

    OMG people! #twitterfail! fail fail.

    ~ OR ~

    Twitter's being a whore #twitterfail #fail


    For sure, Twitter fixed itself, adjusting to the dynamically growing, near impossible need for bandwidth just so you can drop that tweet. Yeah, your special.

    That nectar of intellect.

    Because that’s what we needed.

  7. You wake at 3am & wonder which of your "friends" (*whispers* friends you've never really met) is on Twitter.

  8. You find yourself thinking in 140 characters or less, even at dinner when you’re listening how to shorten down someones sentences that may be funny to others.

  9. You are a walking thesaurus of Twitter acronyms - HT’s, RT’s, WTF’,s FTW!

  10. Refer to people in public as "@their_name" regularly and don't correct it.

  11. You find yourself pitching Twitter any chance you get, to friends, family …anyone that will listen.

  12. You get all excited that someone added you to #FollowFriday or #FF.

  13. You #FollowFriday or #FF everyone you follow even if it takes all Friday to do it because you want those you follow to know you love them.

  14. You retweet constantly. In fact, you'll probably retweet this post.

I found these Twitter videos for fun...

Drop me a comment of other ways you can tell your addicted to Twitter... Better yet, tweet me!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Special Service Announcement #beatcancer

We all know that cancer is a very deadly disease... and sorrowfully, it's taken loved ones from our lives. I have lost a grandfather to cancer and I have an aunt and cousin who have had to deal with breast cancer. There are others in my family that have battled it as well.

It is important that we take this seriously!

#BeatCancer has taken on a huge effort/experiment with the Social Media and Everywhere, a social media communications and content company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Their idea was to take a 24-hr period of time, starting Friday, October 16th at 9 am (PDT) and lasting until Saturday, October 17th at 9am (PDT) people all over the internet stratosphere will be asked to send tweets and Facebook status updates and to blog using #BeatCancer in their posts. Ebay/Paypal and MillerCoors Brewing Company would donate a penny ($0.01)* for every Twitter message, Facebook update or blog post that includes the phrase #BeatCancer.

Now, I've heard that Ebay/Paypal and MillerCoors Brewing Company are attempt a Guinness Book of World records...Well, I hope they make it... and I hope they end up donating a lot toward the cause... It's important for all of us!

I'm helping to raise funds to
#beatcancer, by blogging, tweeting
and posting Facebook status

Click here to join me!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead

I finished book #4, "Blood Promise," in the Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy series. Yay!

I started this series only a few months ago after reading through other Vampire series books. It was difficult at first to delve into this series only because it is a Young Adult series. If you read anything on this blog, you will know that I don't really get into the teen angst crap. However, this had it's place.

In this series, the world as we know it has Moroi Vampires (living vampires who wield powers from air, earth, water, fire, and spirit, who still require blood in their diets, and for the most part are peaceful), Dhampirs (offspring of one Vampire and one human or Dhampir parent), and Strigoi (dead Vampires, created by either a Moroi who killed or by another Strigoi and can no longer wield their earthly powers). Of course there are humans that have no clue of any of these others.

The Moroi and Dhampirs are sent to academies for they school lives. The Moroi are trained in their earthly power whereas the Dhampirs are trained to protect and defend the Moroi. They are so strong that they are trained to be bodyguards to the Moroi, against the Strigoi. They are both trained in the same academies together. But they are trained on two different tracks.

This whole series centers around Rose Hathaway, a Dhampir, and her very close friend Moroi Princess Vasilisa (Lissa) Dragomir, the last of her line of royalty. Rose is this feisty, teenager who always gets into trouble and tends to draw Lissa into that trouble. Actually, trouble follows her everywhere.

We find out that Lissa's has a special gift or power. It is not the same as other Moroi. In fact, there are very few Moroi that have this gift of Spirit. With this gift, Lissa was able to bring Rose back from death in a very tragic traffic accident. However, if this has it's interesting effects between them. Now, Rose and Lissa are bonded together and Rose can feel all of Lissa's emotions and can slip into her thoughts without wanting to. This can be a problem when Lissa falls in love a with fellow student and royal, Christian.

During the first 3 books, Rose becomes entangled in a forbidden romance with her instructor & fellow bodyguard, Dimitri. Of course, she doesn't want to tell her best friend of this romance because she fears it will cause Lissa problems. So, she keeps it all a secret until one day, St Vladamir Academy is attacked by Strigoi where Rose is the first to sense the attack. She informs Dimitri, this godlike bodyguard, of the attack. During this battle, Dimitri is captured by Strigoi and then turned. Rose hopes that Lissa can save him, but Lissa refuses for several reasons... 1. He's now Strigoi, and 2. Rose never confided in her about her romance. Her feelings were hurt (teenage angst)... So now there's a riff between the two girls and now Rose must abandon her best friend, Lissa – the one she has sworn to protect no matter what – and keep the promise Dimitri begged her to make.

In "Blood Promise," Rose sets out to find Dimitri and kill him... again.

You have to understand that for Rose to take on this feat, she must not only find, but kill Dimitri. Dimitri has always been stronger than her and now he's Strigoi, which means, now he's even stronger. Rose is so friggin in love with Dimitri that she is uncertain of herself.

The setting of "Blood Promise" is in Dimitri's home country, Siberia. Rose goes to his home town, meets his family and inadvertently ends up telling his family that he was overtaken by Strigoi. Rose is accepted by his family as family, but Rose realizes this is not the place for her. She recaptures her goal to find Dimitri and put him at peace. In her journey she does find other Strigoi, which she quickly kills... she also finds other Dhampirs like herself who are not blood promised and whose goal is only to kill Strigoi... Finally she finds Dimitri....

Now, I have a tendency to prattle on and on about books I read...thus giving away too much. I am not going to do that here. You'll have to read this series yourself.

I will say this...I found these books exciting to read and got myself hooked enough to want to keep going. However, if I were to rate this series against all the others I've read, I would rate this 3 1/2 stars out of 5.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Some fun we missed in True Blood

This weekend I spent some time looking for little tidbits to add to my blog. Most of these little bits were found all over the internet so I didn't want to bore you with more of the same.

However, in going of this last season of the HBO series True Blood, I realized they missed and changed a lot of stuff from the book. Oh well, that's Hollywood right?

There is one particular scene that I wish they would have added... if only for the eye candy. It is the part in "Living Dead in Dallas," chapter 10 where Sookie has asked Eric to help her out with the whole sex party. Sookie has an idea to check it out for Lafayette's killer... But she needs someone to protector her so she asks Eric Northman.

Eric meets with Sookie, they talk and he then dramatically throws off his long trench coat to don his pink tank top and Lycra leggings. Of course, Sookie just can't take her eyes off of Eric at this point.
"Wow," I said, since it was all I could think of to say. "Wow. That's some outfit." When you've got a big guy wearing Lycra it doesn't leave a whole lot to the imagination. I resisted the temptation to ask Eric to turn around. -- Living Dead in Dallas, pg 247

*You still looking?*
Now don't you wish that would have been in the show? Enjoy! Post me some luv too!

Friday, October 9, 2009

A Touch of Dead (Sookie Stackhouse: The Complete Stories) Just released!

I was reading another blog today, True Blood Twilight and realized I missed some very big news!

Charlaine Harris' next book, "A Touch of Dead" just came out on October 6th. It is a compilation of previously published Sookie Stackhouse stories. I can't believe I missed this one. Damn!

Ms. Harris' next original Sookie Stackhouse novel will be on sale in May 2010.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wolf Pack Does Chippendales?

Wouldn't it be cool to see our favorite wolf pack doing Chippendales? Well, here's you chance.


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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Twilight Sweethearts

Whenever I get out to do errands, I try to be as observant as possible.... Really I do. Its not every day that you have a blatant display of such wonderment! So, today I went to Fry's Marketplace. It's a grocery store here in the Southwest. As I am puttering (and I do mean putter... cuz I was exhausted) down the aisles looking for my grocery list of things to get... one of which was Diet Pepsi... I see mega displays of candy for Halloween. [I've always wondered why Dentists don't leave biz cards or put posters up next to these displays... might think twice before buying... right *wink*]. They have piles of candy all over the store... pretty weird... like HEY YOU! You missed picking candy of that shelf, try this one!

Anyway, I get to this one area over by the milk, eggs, butter; and out of the corner of my eye, I see it... "Twilight"! YOU KNOW THAT FONT, right?

Well, I did that double-take ... I went over and saw this very pathetic stack of Sweethearts Conversation hearts in a black box that says, "Forbidden Fruits." Perhaps you've seen it? It was actually the worst display to Twilight that I have ever seen! I think I need to have a talk with that store manager. What do you think?

As I am pulling out my cell phone to snap a picture, an employee comes out of the door and right in my path... So I do that trick where you pretend your just walking by...right...Pointless, cuz he caught me...but there you go. He gets around me and I snap the pic...

Edward, Bella, & Edward with Bella on the packages!

Now, if only I could think of a reason why EVERY single box with EDWARD on it was open! Go on... post your thoughts on this... I know I can think of a few!!! Haha! I shit you not... I looked in that whole little pathetic pile of an Edward box that I could POP open myself.

Now there seem to be several different sayings on the hearts... just like usual... But these have words from Twilight on them... For example: "Lamb," "Dazzle," "Live 4 Ever," "I &heart; EC," and then my favorite, "Bite Me." What I found humorous, (yes I thrill easily...cheap date) It says right on the package, "Secret Scent Rub to Reveal..."

Right now, I am eating Edward [hmm, that didn't sound right] and they are sickeningly sweet. Don't think I could eat Bella by myself. [*wink* I don't swing that way anyway.]

With New Moon just around the corner, we're going to start seeing these shrines and monuments to Twilight, Edward Cullen, New Moon, etc. Keep your eyes peeled! I keep thinking I may come across something totally awesome to wear or bring to my movie night!

Look forward to reading your thoughts.

New Moon, Here We Come...

Bitch enough and you get what you ask for! I am going to fly to Idaho to see NEW MOON with my bff next month. She just sent me proof that she got the tickets... so I have to wave them in front of everyone!!! Hehehe!

Nanner nanner nanner!

Actually, life has been incredibly busy for my bff @needsntrvention. However, just the same, thank you!! 

Monday, October 5, 2009

Blew his Mind with my Twilight Addiction

I am in need of music to work by, so the first place I visit is Amazon... Right? Well, I do. While I am there, my attention is SUCKED away from the task at hand. TADD (Twilight Attention Deficit Disorder) takes over and all I see is Twilight this and New Moon that... GAH!!!  I found some very cool things on Amazon.com tonight. First off, did you know that Amazon is celebrating 10 years? They are holding a Sweepstakes where you can enter everyday between October 5th and October 11th. You can automatically enter just by adding stuff to your wish list. There are lots of things to win... First thing on the list, Trip to L.A. for The Twilight Saga: New Moon premiere.

So, I sign into my wish list and very systematically begin adding things. There are Twilight calendars & books... there are all sorts of Twilight paraphernalia that I would love to get... For instance, I want a bumper sticker that says, "I Drive Like A Cullen." I was telling my hubby about all this stuff I want to get... There is one bumper stick that says, "Be Safe" in Edward's handwriting... Nothing else to the sign said Twilight or Edward... My son sitting next to me along with my hubby both ask, "So, how will people know that's Twilight?"I told him that that was Edward's handwriting and anyone who's a Twilight fan will know that. My hubby and my 13 year old son both busted out in laughter, rolling their eyes, and saying YOU MUST really be addicted... How do you know that's Edward's handwriting?! I told them I've read the books! It's in the book! I heard terms in that laughter like, OH MAN, NO WAY! or YOU KNOW THE HANDWRITING OF A FICTIONAL PERSON???

I think this is when my hubby and my son realized just how addicted I really am...

Go take a look over at Amazon.com and enter the sweepstakes to win!

Are YOU Addicted to Blogging?

So, I am reading ONE of my favorite blogs today. Through that blog, I found a "How Addicted to Blogging Are You?" badge. Of course, I HAD to click on it. Damn.... I shouldn't have... because... Now I know the truth!

My fav authors on this blog (at least one of them) took the quiz and somehow ranked 77%. (*whispers* I don't think she was honest... Just sayin'.) I took it twice... The first time, I guessed at how many blogs I read in my reader. I also guessed at how much time I spend reading said blogs... (*shh don't tell my boss!*) I ranked a 78%. Ok, so I am feelin' proud that I one up'd this author... Doesn't make me better then her... She blogs a lot more than me and she has a specific subject that she blogs about. She's got a higher reader count too... 

Ok, so I took the quiz again... This time I COUNTED my feeds. I did not count the blogs I peruse that are not in my reader. You know the ones that you click on inside the blogs you do keep track of....

Here's my score!

So there you go... 


Saturday, October 3, 2009

WARNING! Do NOT Consume Fluids While Blogging

Last night I got home from my "date" with my hubby. We had a great time visiting the bookstore and I was giddy from all that I found there. I finally hauled my ass upstairs to my office/bedroom (office by.. er.. day, bedroom by night) and assumed the position behind my laptop *wink*. I started reading my tweets and all the links that come with those. I came across this one.

Of course, with curiosity piqued, I click on the link. I mean, everything ALWAYS comes to a grinding halt when @JennyJerkface or @SnarkierThanYou post on their blog, right?! (Sadly, it does for me, it does.) Of course, I'm thinking what the hell could she mean "Twi-tooted?" I don't remember anything that "toots" in Twilight! Hmm...

So, sitting on my bed office...um...pillow... uh chair, yeah that's it and start drinking my coffee as I begin reading the post.I get to the part where she says, "Three things just happened in quick succession" one of which includes a "fart." I don't know why what happened next did, but my coffee ended up all over my laptop, out my nose, and down my shirt! I was rolling with laughter. I love this blog a lot, but I NEVER expected this from the author. Of course, I had to post!

So, I am on the phone with @needsntrvention reading the post to her and explaining my little "spewage"... We laugh over the post and then I shift to tell a dream... Won't tell you, but it was interesting! (Had NOTHING to do with farts.) Anyway, I take a drink of water while my friend makes a comment about my dream. Not one drop of water went down my throat! Gawd Dammit if it didn't go all over the fucking laptop AGAIN!

Just so you know I am NOT lying!

All over my laptop, lap, bedspread... I am not talking a little lady-like sip either. I sucked hard on that bottle before breaking out in laughter! Damn!

One reader on the Twitarded blog pinned it right, (F-Kat)TwiwasgoinginforthekisswhenIgotadickinmymouth said, "ahh... rookie mistake..." I guess I am a Rookie!

Do you think I'll ever learn?

Shrine to Twilight!

I love going to the bookstore! Tonight my honey took me in so I could get my next book to read. I'll tell you about it later. This post is dedicated to what I saw inside the store.
I walked in the store and over to the YA books to get my next book when I am hit smack in the face with the biggest fucking SHRINE I have ever seen! I stood in front of this staring before I remembered to take a picture. Believe it or not, I took these pictures thinking of the ladies over at Twitarded. @JennyJerkface and @SnarkierThanYou I don't know if you'll ever visit this blog but this was something you felt you need to bow too!

Everything Twilight!

Under this table were stacks & stacks of all the Twilight Saga books! The bookshelf behind this table was COVERED with books, trinkets, posters, chocolate, canvas bags, & calendars. I swear to god my twitared-ness fell out! 

I went totally ape shit. My hubby left me in my puddle of drool to go find his music! Guess he figured he knew I wouldn't get lost.

Included on these shelves, as I said, were books, posters, trinkets, canvas bags, more books, calendars, & chocolate...

So you can eat Edward's heart while watching the movie!

By this time, I am on my hands & knees in Borders taking pictures when my hubby walks over to check on me. I am, almost literally, rolling on the floor with laughter! I found these...

I am so glad there was a WARNING on the package!

...because you know, I just might put HIM in my mouth!

My hubby stood there rolling his eyes and laughing his ass off. He called me a "Silly Girl" can you believe that!

In my adventure, I came across a Borders salesperson. Yeah, I turned beat red! However, looking at her she TOTALLY looked like a Twitard. So I started talking to her. I told her I was taking pictures to share with readers. She *whispered* you're not suppose to take pictures of the displays! Say WHAT!! We both had a *wink* moment... I told her how blown away I was of their display. She grinned... Apparently, I nailed it right... She and another Twitard set it all up! She was grateful for my homage to her shrine to Edward and Twilight. She even asked me for my blog address so she could read what I post. 

I wanted to buy a mini Edward and a calendar... but the eye rolling, smirking hubby made me feel guilty... so, I'll go back when he's not there!

I am SO GLAD my kids weren't with me! Although my 13 year old son is totally into Twilight too, so at least he would understand...

Oh, one last thought...

While searching for the book I actually went there to find, I found this one:

The Vampire Seduction Handbook 
A Guide to the Ultimate Romantic Adventure

That could come in handy one day... don't you think?