Saturday, October 3, 2009

WARNING! Do NOT Consume Fluids While Blogging

Last night I got home from my "date" with my hubby. We had a great time visiting the bookstore and I was giddy from all that I found there. I finally hauled my ass upstairs to my office/bedroom (office by.. er.. day, bedroom by night) and assumed the position behind my laptop *wink*. I started reading my tweets and all the links that come with those. I came across this one.

Of course, with curiosity piqued, I click on the link. I mean, everything ALWAYS comes to a grinding halt when @JennyJerkface or @SnarkierThanYou post on their blog, right?! (Sadly, it does for me, it does.) Of course, I'm thinking what the hell could she mean "Twi-tooted?" I don't remember anything that "toots" in Twilight! Hmm...

So, sitting on my bed uh chair, yeah that's it and start drinking my coffee as I begin reading the post.I get to the part where she says, "Three things just happened in quick succession" one of which includes a "fart." I don't know why what happened next did, but my coffee ended up all over my laptop, out my nose, and down my shirt! I was rolling with laughter. I love this blog a lot, but I NEVER expected this from the author. Of course, I had to post!

So, I am on the phone with @needsntrvention reading the post to her and explaining my little "spewage"... We laugh over the post and then I shift to tell a dream... Won't tell you, but it was interesting! (Had NOTHING to do with farts.) Anyway, I take a drink of water while my friend makes a comment about my dream. Not one drop of water went down my throat! Gawd Dammit if it didn't go all over the fucking laptop AGAIN!

Just so you know I am NOT lying!

All over my laptop, lap, bedspread... I am not talking a little lady-like sip either. I sucked hard on that bottle before breaking out in laughter! Damn!

One reader on the Twitarded blog pinned it right, (F-Kat)TwiwasgoinginforthekisswhenIgotadickinmymouth said, "ahh... rookie mistake..." I guess I am a Rookie!

Do you think I'll ever learn?

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