About Me

In real life, I am a work at home mom. I started a web design business back in 2003. I also home school my two boys and have since about 2001 when my oldest started the 2nd grade.

Apparently, I'm not busy enough, or perhaps I just need more fun in my life, because I've started THIS blog as a ‘FOR FUN’ blog. Since I enjoy reading books and watching movies, I thought this blog would be my primary outlet for reviewing them.

I love fantasy/fiction and some horror books. If they have female heroes, vampires, werewolves, supernatural beings, and romance containing all or most of the above in them, I’ll read them. Escaping to a world of fiction and fantasy helps my imagination to grow. Everyone, I believe needs to let go of real life from time to time and live in a land of vampires, werewolves, faeries, elves, unicorns, magicians, and other fictional characters.

I think adults often forget how much fun it is to imagine. I did. One day I grew up and realized that I had to earn a living so that I could survive. Stress then took over and left no escape for down time. This in turn made my health deteriorate. One day, my best friend handed me a book and said, “I think you’d really enjoy this book,” and reintroduced me to reading. I took the book and began to read. I haven’t stopped since.

I find that reading books allows my mind to build it’s own imaginary world where I can forget about real life for a couple hours and relax.

I also like to watch movies...especially if I have read the book and then watch the movie so I can pick it all apart. I grew up preferring movies to books. I found that movies only used up 2-hours of my time, whereas books used more. So, for a quick break movies were my escape. However lately, I’m not so intrigued by the movies that Hollywood chooses to show. Therefore, I read.

Another thing I love to do is to write, dabble with Photoshop, and make fan made movies. I’m not real experienced in any of them, but again it is another way to tap into my imagination and create.

I hope that you will find something in this blog that will rekindle your imagination and inspire you to do great things.