Saturday, October 3, 2009

Shrine to Twilight!

I love going to the bookstore! Tonight my honey took me in so I could get my next book to read. I'll tell you about it later. This post is dedicated to what I saw inside the store.
I walked in the store and over to the YA books to get my next book when I am hit smack in the face with the biggest fucking SHRINE I have ever seen! I stood in front of this staring before I remembered to take a picture. Believe it or not, I took these pictures thinking of the ladies over at Twitarded. @JennyJerkface and @SnarkierThanYou I don't know if you'll ever visit this blog but this was something you felt you need to bow too!

Everything Twilight!

Under this table were stacks & stacks of all the Twilight Saga books! The bookshelf behind this table was COVERED with books, trinkets, posters, chocolate, canvas bags, & calendars. I swear to god my twitared-ness fell out! 

I went totally ape shit. My hubby left me in my puddle of drool to go find his music! Guess he figured he knew I wouldn't get lost.

Included on these shelves, as I said, were books, posters, trinkets, canvas bags, more books, calendars, & chocolate...

So you can eat Edward's heart while watching the movie!

By this time, I am on my hands & knees in Borders taking pictures when my hubby walks over to check on me. I am, almost literally, rolling on the floor with laughter! I found these...

I am so glad there was a WARNING on the package!

...because you know, I just might put HIM in my mouth!

My hubby stood there rolling his eyes and laughing his ass off. He called me a "Silly Girl" can you believe that!

In my adventure, I came across a Borders salesperson. Yeah, I turned beat red! However, looking at her she TOTALLY looked like a Twitard. So I started talking to her. I told her I was taking pictures to share with readers. She *whispered* you're not suppose to take pictures of the displays! Say WHAT!! We both had a *wink* moment... I told her how blown away I was of their display. She grinned... Apparently, I nailed it right... She and another Twitard set it all up! She was grateful for my homage to her shrine to Edward and Twilight. She even asked me for my blog address so she could read what I post. 

I wanted to buy a mini Edward and a calendar... but the eye rolling, smirking hubby made me feel guilty... so, I'll go back when he's not there!

I am SO GLAD my kids weren't with me! Although my 13 year old son is totally into Twilight too, so at least he would understand...

Oh, one last thought...

While searching for the book I actually went there to find, I found this one:

The Vampire Seduction Handbook 
A Guide to the Ultimate Romantic Adventure

That could come in handy one day... don't you think?


Jenny Jerkface said...

HA HA HA!!! I actually shrieked when I saw the picture of the shrine so I can't imagine how you could even contain yourself in real life, lol.

It's terrifying how shameless we become when it comes to Twilight, isn't it? I've definitely had people give me the stink eye for taking pictures of stuff with mini Edward and I just fix them the with my Crazy Lady Glare and they usually go away.

Great post! :)

Unknown said...

I want to go to there.

Anonymous said...

so, this is where I tell you... in the first pic, the cover of the BD books look like a dildo instead of a chess piece... wonder if it would sell better?

HungryVampire said...
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HungryVampire said...

Apparently I can't spell after posting all this... Haha!

Unfortunately, @Needs Intervention, there were NO Sparkle Peens there. I suppose if there were, they'd be cleaning the carpets by now & hubby would be sayin' I DON'T KNOW THIS WOMAN!. *grin*