Monday, September 28, 2009

Twilight, New Moon, Fanfic, True Blood... Oh my!

I've hit a wall here... I have so many things I want to follow or even just comment about. (I guess you'd still have to follow if you want to comment... right?) Anyway, I'm having a hell-of-a-time getting ANYTHING done!

I have been reading "Wide Awake" fanfic written by AngstGoddess003, watching "New Moon" trailers, reading TwitFic on by the True Blood on Twitter Thursday group, (*whisper* They don't just tweet on Thursdays.) reading my favorite blog(s), and I started rereading "Dead Until Dark," by Charlaine Harris. How's someone suppose to get real life stuff done?

Authors that I've been reading, either have new books out or new ones are coming soon.

Richelle Mead just published book #4 of the Vampire Academy series, "Blood Promise." It came out August 24th. I haven't had a chance to run to the bookstore yet!

I've heard that Charlaine Harris has another book to add to the Sookie Stackhouse (Southern Vampires) Series, called "A Touch of Dead," due out October 6, 2009.

PC Cast & Kristen Cast have "Tempted," the next in the House of Night Series due out October 26, 2009.

Laurell K Hamilton has "Divine Misdemeanors," #8 in the Meredith Gentry series expected out December 8, 2009. She also has another book, "Flirt," #18 to the Anita Blake, Vampire Killer series expected February 2, 2010. (Hopefully that date holds, it'd be a nice birthday present for myself!)

I've heard rumors that Stephenie Meyer has books that she is writing too, but she remains silent. The silence could be due the fact that she is majorly involved with the Twilight Saga shoot and now her book, "The Host" goes to silver screen. *midas shrug* Just wish Stephenie would give a shout out more often so we have an idea of what she's doing.

With all of this, how do you get real life done? For me, I need to have a lot done before November 19th when I head to Idaho to watch "New Moon" with my bff who needs intervention too.


Jennifer said...

I just finished the first 5 books of the House Of Night series and am anxiously awaiting the 6th book! They are good.....not quite as GREAT as the Twilight Saga....but still good! I'm considering starting in on the Sookie Stackhouse Series, but am not quite sure.

HungryVampire said...

@Jennifer: I have to admit that the first book of HoN, "Marked" was tough for me to get into, but you hit a point where it just engulfs you and you can't stop reading.

I can't wait for "Tempted" to come out either!

As for the Sookie Stackhouse series, I highly recommend you read it. It is NOT like Twilight or HoN at all. But it is all about Vampires, weres, shapeshifters, and MUCH MUCH more.

Thanks for your post!

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