Thursday, September 24, 2009

Heard of FanFic, what about TwitFic

So, night before last, I learned about TweeterWall where you can vote for your favorite fan series. Of course I voted for several in the Twilight Saga Fan Competition... but while I was there, I found the "TrueBlood Fan Search." So I began checking out the bios and blogs of these fans for TrueBlood... another series that I watch and have read.

I went @SookieBonTemps twitter page and found her blog "Being @SookieBonTemps" and then I found Lafayette (@kitchenbitch and his blog Sexy Ho Ho. Through these two, I found other fans who apparently Tweet their lives as if they are, in fact, the real characters. I sat and watched their conversations unroll before me last night, while they met for a "family dinner." Even during the day, they tweet in character. It was really cool & a lot of fun.

Generally, I follow people on Twitter to "hear the news" or get updated on what's to come. But this was like reading some Fan Fiction... Except here, they are limited to 140 characters per line & there are multiple people (at least there seem to be... Never can really tell.) involved in putting the story together.

I understand this group does a LIVE show on Twitter on Thursdays at 9pm CDT. I am going to join in tonight to see how it plays out! I found last night to be totally entertaining! You can hook up to them here.

(The True Blood players on Twitter are fans of True Blood and Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries. Created by fans for fans. Endorsed by but not affiliated with HBO or True Blood.)

Now, I'll admit to being slow on the uptake sometimes. TwitFic has probably been around for a while... People are just so creative. I am glad I found one I can be a part of... However, I do have one problem... I work at my computer all day (and night). My workflow tends to get interrupted a lot from all the tweets that come through. I will have to figure out how to put a cap on what I read.

Hope you enjoy!

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