Monday, September 21, 2009

What the hell am I doing here?

Ok, so I am wondering what the hell am I doing here... I need another frickin blog like I need another hole in my head... right? Geez...

Well, by the title of my blog, you get that I love vampire stuff... I am NOT into the horror of it all but more into the fantasy of it all. Realistically, I just love fantasy, science fiction, and romance stuff.

As a child, I really loved to read. I spent a lot of time in my local library perusing all the books. I really loved finding books that had female heroines. I remember one day at the library I tried to check out a book that was listed as Adult... It wasn't X-rated, but in the 70s they had a different stroke on life I guess. When the librarian restricted what I could read, and then my mother did to, I decided I just wasn't interested anymore. Sad huh? What a waste.

One day last year, my very bff [needsntrvention], suggested that I read this book called, "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer. I bought the book and began reading. It was strange, reading something that wasn't the Bible or some bible related book. I have to admit that the book started slow for me. I almost gave up on it because I wasn't into the teen angst bull shit. I mean, I went to high school once... a hundred years ago... right... I didn't want to read about the same shit I lived through already... But, my bff kept telling me more and more of what was happening in the book. Then she starts telling me about the next book in the series, "New Moon." (She reads fast!) Very soon after starting, the book just took off! I COULD NOT LAY IT DOWN! I was HOOKED!

I couldn't believe that this author wrote so well for me... I felt as if I was Bella. I started to relate to her. She and I have a lot in common. Scary!

After "Twilight" I couldn't wait to start reading "New Moon," also written by Stephenie Meyer. At this point, I don't think I had a favorite "team." I was all about Edward. Period. I hated "New Moon" because Edward left Bella! I was so pissed at Edward. He's such a putz! (Gawd, I have to reread these books! I so miss them!) I read through "New Moon" so fast cuz I had heard that Edward came back! That gave me the umpf I need to finish the book.

Anyway, the "Twilight" Saga brought me back into reading! To me this was a major feat. I also think that this was the beginning of me coming out of my little introverted shell.

I was so excited to hear that there was to be a movie made based on "Twilight", called "Twilight." I had read the book and wanted to see it on the big screen. I so loved the movie! No, it is not exactly like the book. I did find myself disappointed to a certain point. Then I realized that it would take a lot to make it exactly like the book. Yes, they could have done a lot more. They needed to focus more on the love story that develops in the book... but overall I love the movie... So much so, that I purchased the DVD... and then when my hubby and I got our FIRST Blu-Ray DVD player, I bought the movie in Blu-Ray. I have read the books twice and watched the movie 3 times.

Soon, the second in the saga, "New Moon" comes out in the theaters! I am so on that. Woof! I have seen the trailers and have kept up on what's coming... I just can't wait! NOVEMBER 20th! Yay!

The biggest problem I have come up against since finishing the Twilight Saga, is what to read next, right? I found an author I like and a style I like to read... Well, after reading the whole Twilight Saga, I moved on to Stephenie Meyer's adult novel, "The Host."

This was strange because I was all wrapped up in the Bella/Edward/Jacob love story and all their drama... Then I step into "The Host" where there is another female heroine named, Melanie Stryder and two love interests Jarad and Ian. My imagination already created Bella, Edward, and Jacob... and now these faces were being called Melanie, Jarad and Ian in my little brain... How weird is that... Either I can't come up with another "look" or Stephenie Meyer was stuck too.

In this novel, the world is invaded and humans become hosts for these alien "souls". Their minds are taken over but their bodies remain fully functional. Melanie Stryder is one of the few remaining humans that is finally captured and her body is given to a "soul" named Wanderer, who is inserted into Melanie. But what Wanderer finds out is that Melanie doesn't want to succumb to all of this... Melanie never gives up. So Wanderer ends up sharing Melanie's body with... well eh, Melanie.

Now, I could go on telling you more, but I won't. Basically this too turns into a love triangle with Melanie completely intact and in love with Jared, but Wanderer is also intact in Melanie's conscientiousness and she is in love with Ian. Here's the kicker... Melanie and Wanderer are in Melanie's head. Therefore Wanderer has to deal with the emotions that Melanie is feeling... and BOY, Melanie pours on the emotion when she wants to get even with Wanderer. So Wanderer is kind of confused & scared. Oh this book was so cool. Shit, I said I wasn't going to tell you anymore... sorry... Go get the book... its a good read!

What's even more fun... the Twilight Saga is staged in Forks, WA... when I read the books, I lived in Idaho... Close enough to know the weather and the nature of how it looks and feels. I also read "The Host" while in Idaho, but soon afterward I moved to Arizona, and live south of the mountains and caves in that book. In fact, the book mentions several landmarks that I see on a regular basis down here. So that's kind of fun in and of itself.

Anyway, I need more! All of a sudden I have grown hungry for books, blogs, fan fiction... Hence the name, A Hungry Vampire! LOL

I hope to write frequently in this blog. I will write about books I am reading or that I have read. Perhaps there will be a day when people will comment to my ramblings. I can only hope.


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