Monday, July 5, 2010

"Samson’s Lovely Mortal" by Tina Folsom

When asked to read and review this paranormal romance, “Samson’s Lovely Mortal”, I took the time to read the synopsis about the book as well as the author’s website. At first, I was skeptical and uncertain that I would be interested in the storyline. However, the thought occurred to me, there have been many books I have read with just as much or less information about them, but took it upon someone’s word that they were good. I had friends who had read those books and could give me a play-by-play if I need it. This time, this book had not been release yet. I was a first time reader, so to speak, and I would potentially be a first reviewer. I appreciated the challenge set before me.

Samson is a vampire and has been a bachelor for a very long time. Never in his life, or undead life, has he ever had trouble getting it up. He has never had trouble in the sex department before but now it’s a problem. Upon advice from a friend, he seeks the help of a shrink, only to realize not even a shrink can help. However, it all changes when fate brings a beautiful mortal named, Delilah to his doorstep. Delilah is an auditor who is hired to audit a company in a city she is unfamiliar. Chased by a would-be mugger, Delilah happens upon Samson’s doorstep seeking refuge. Opening the door and inviting the now soaked from rain, scared human into his home, and through several misunderstandings, Samson realizes that his equipment has begun to work again.

I am not one who cares to read or watch gratuitous sex. When I began reading this book, that was my first thought. In fact, I even set the story down for a couple of days because I was not impressed on the first chapter. I will admit, I am very hard on books. If they don’t capture my attention in the first chapter, I usually get rid of it. Had I done that with this book, it would have been my loss.

Author Tina Folsom did an excellent job of developing her main characters for this story, the good, the bad, the happy and the sad. Did I really want to start out the gate reading of a man with erectile dysfunction? No, not particularly. However, to capture the beautiful love story, you have to see where the main characters were before they fell in love. You get an idea of the inner workings of fate in this story.

After getting past the first couple of chapters, this story became an excellent page-turner! I found myself wanting to get back to the story to find out what more would happen. As I approached the end, I found myself asking questions, questions that only the author could answer. Perhaps she will in her future books. However, with all that said, I enjoyed every emotional, erotic, and sexy second of this story. It’s a beautiful love story with just a little intrigue added to keep all interested. I recommend you grab a copy. You can purchase and download your copy available on and

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Bradmouth said...

Do you think this novel would work for male readers? You've scared me a bit with the Fang Viagra vibe.

If anyone wants, check out my snark-filled Top Ten Hottest Male Vamps of All Time at my site.


Tina Folsom said...

Bradmouth, don't worry, the vampire's ED is cured pretty quickly, and the book has lots of graphic sex scenes after that.


HungryVampire said...

Tina, thanks for dropping by my blog. I appreciate it!

Yes, there is plenty of graphic sex scenes throughout this book. I'm so excited to begin the next in the series... Will let you know when I'm done. So far so good tho!!


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