Monday, January 30, 2012

"The Hunger Games," by Suzanne Collins

This book was a detour from most that I read. It is an incredible story of bravery, cunning, and survival of the fittest.

The setting in this story is what I would consider post apocalyptic times. The nation known as Panem, was built upon the ruins of North America. A fat, greedy government in the Capitol controls twelve outlying districts with harsh and cruel conditions. These districts are forced by the government to send one boy and one girl in their teens to participate in the annual Hunger Games. These children fight to the death on live television with hopes to supply food and other rudimentary items for their families needs. Only one person can win these Hunger Games each year.

Rather than tell you the whole story, trying to paint a picture in your mind of what the story is about, I suggest you read it on your own. For me, the story left me feeling as if there was no hope of survival. Teens entered into the games knowing that it was kill-or-be-killed. There was no choice, to be in the games or not. Reading what the main character was faced with, made me route for her survival. I found myself questioning the same things she questioned.

I did like this story, but as I read the book, I felt like the situation was grim and hopeless. It became difficult for me to want to continue reading because I felt that somehow this main character was going to lose, even if she won the games. My hope was that there would be a real love story between the two tributes. However, I was continually left confused. Did Peeta really love Katniss? I have no idea. For all I could tell, it was all a ruse.

As I said in the beginning of this review, this is not my normal genre for reading. However, I wanted to do my best to write a non-biased review. The book was written well. It was easy to read, and for the most part, easy to understand. The author did a decent job of painting this story in my mind. By the end of the book, I did want to jump to the next book, “Catching Fire.” That to me means it was well worth the read!


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