Monday, December 17, 2012

"The Midnight Hunt," by L.L. Raand

If you love werewolves, love female protagonists, and enjoy reading love stories, then The Midnight Hunt by L.L. Raand is an excellent book. I couldn't put the book down! This book is the first in Midnight Hunters Series.

This is L.L. Raand's first paranormal series and I think she did an excellent job. L.L. Raand is the pseudonym for bestselling romance author Radclyffe, who written over 30 lesbian romance novels.

I love werewolf, vampire, or any paranormal type story. So, when I read the synopsis on this one, I had to get it and read it. I was skeptical because of the lesbian twist in the story. However, this was a beautiful love story between a human and a wolf Were, both Alphas by nature. Raand did a great job creating her paranormal world and all it's characters.

I suppose the one drawback in this book was the fact that these wolf Weres, as they are called in the story, seem to be in constant heat. They are constantly looking to have sex whenever they feel challenged or fight. Aggression triggers the desire to hump just about anybody. It suggests that being preternatural makes you sex starved. Although, I felt it might have been a bit too much, Raand takes the time to explain why this occurs with her Weres.

As I said, this book has a lesbian twist to it, so if that bothers you, then don't read it. However, you'd be missing a very good story. I found as I finished this book, I wanted to continue the next book in the series.


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