Monday, March 11, 2013

"The Lone Hunt" by L.L Raand

The Lone Hunt by L.L. Raand
Last weekend I received a copy of “The Lone Hunt,” written by L.L. Raand, to read before it’s release. I am honored to have this opportunity. I have enjoyed reading every book in the Midnight Hunters series and am very excited to read the fourth installment, “The Lone Hunt”. It took me less than a weekend to read through this new book! I couldn’t put it down! Now, with that said, let me share some of what I experienced whilst reading this book.

I love Raand’s wolf Weres and their world. I don’t quite understand the anatomy of the Weres but I’ve marked it up as a part of the fantasy/fiction in the story. It doesn’t have to be completely understood, just believable. In this series, for the most part, the characters are lesbian but still procreate. This boggles my mind, but aside from that, I thoroughly enjoy getting into the story of the Adirondack Timberlake Pack wolf Weres.

In this book, “The Lone Hunt,” we get to see more of our favorite Weres, vampires, humans, and other praeterns, and the world they live in. We see more of the conspiracy that looms over Alpha Sylvan Mir and her pack. In this book, we see alpha become overly protective of her pregnant mate, Drake. And we’ll watch as loyalties and alliances form between the pack and other praetern clans.

 ----- W A R N I N G! -----

If you have NOT read this story yet, then please read no further because I don’t want to give anything away! Now, if you choose to continue, just understand that this MAY give things away.

In this book, along with the ever growing conspiracy that threatens Alpha Sylvan Mir and her pregnant mate Drake, we start to see wolf were turned vampire, Lara find her place within the pack and with the vampires. As Lara tries to find herself and where she belongs, she confronts an alpha cat were and her cubs that is trespassing on Adirondack Timberlake Pack land. As the pack’s centuri, she wastes no time taking down the cat were. However, something happens to Lara and she chooses not to kill this alpha cat. Instead, she takes her as prisoner but protects her closely. The wolf Weres and cat Weres are bitter enemies, which makes it difficult for Lara to protect her cat Were prisoner. As the story progresses, we see Lara falling in love with Raina, alpha to the cat Weres.

As with her other three books in this series, this is a beautiful love story with its continuing plot of conspiracies that we’ve become caught up in throughout the series. Although I enjoyed the story, I found myself wanting more. There were parts in this story that felt as if there should be more to build upon, more detail. I would have loved to have had some areas of the story filled out a little more. For instance, we read a little about cat weres in the last book, “Night Hunt” and then a bit more here in this book, but I still feel like I don’t know much about them.

Even though I did feel the book was short, possibly even rushed, I loved it and would recommend you read the whole series. I look forward to reading more paranormal by L.L. Raand! I can see so much more developing… I want to see where Ms. Raand takes us in this Praeternatural series.

You can get your copy from these online stores. AmazonBarnes & Noble, or Bold Strokes Books.


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