Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Before Midnight" by Jennifer Blackstream

Before MidnightBefore Midnight by Jennifer Blackstream

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

At first, I was quite confused with this story. I didn't understand what was happening in the beginning of this story. After reading through the whole book, I finally had a better understanding of where the story was going.

This story is a beautiful adaptation of Cinderella. However, this "Cinderella" is a Loup Garou, a bitten werewolf. Her fairytale prince is a lycanthrope, a natural born werewolf. There is a difference! This story turned out to be a sweet paranormal fairy tale. The female protagonist is a weak scared little girl, fearful of everything. She has a horrible, hateful stepmother and stepsisters who love killing wolves. But, she doesn't stay that small fearful girl for very long. Love brings her to a place where she accepts her wolf & uses it to try to save her prince.

I did find that there were certain parts of the story that lacked definition. I would have liked a little more description of the love scenes... I don't necessarily need it written erotically, but with more feeling. It seemed short and felt like it was missing something. However, the rest of the story, with all its action, seemed to flow very well. I would definitely recommend reading this book if you enjoy paranormal romance stories.

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