Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Visit to the Eye Doctor

I've not been real consistent on my blogging lately. I do apologize for that. In my defense, I have been extremely busy with RL... Yeah, I know... excuses... Well, get used to it.

I am one of those people who hates to go to the doctor, but more importantly, I hate to have to find NEW doctors. I've been in Arizona now for just over one year and still haven't found dentists, doctors, or eye doctors. My health has seen better days but I've ignored all tell tale signs that would indicate that I might need to see a doctor. However, recently I began having more frequent migraines and it has been more difficult to focus on small print. I would say my arms aren't long enough. Well, perhaps its time to see an eye doctor.

My eyes have gotten bad enough that reading has become difficult and not fun. My frustration left me struggling with my work and no desire to read anymore. Well, that just won't do.. SO I had to find an eye doctor.. *yippee* I did the "close your eyes and point trick" to finding an eye doctor. Actually, truth be known, I picked the first on the list because she was closest to home. Same diff tho, right?

I was dreading the day... today... day before my dreadful birthday. I expected to have my eyes dilated, which meant 4-6 hours of guarding my eyes against the light, because I'm light sensitive, and having extra blurry vision during most of that time as well. This meant, a non-productive day for me. Ugh!

Apparently, technology has grown over the past 3 years. They have this new machine that does what dilation did. They blind you with a strobe like light and take a picture of the inside of your eyeballs. The flash is instantaneous, the spots in your eyes after, not so much. So, I was blinded for about 20 minutes... remember, I'm light sensitive.. So the blindness was so much 'blind' as it was me trying to adjust back to normal so I wouldn't trigger a migraine. Trust me the technician really felt for me, but she felt that 20 minutes of spots and the potential a migraine was better than 4-6 hours of the same. I agreed.

This eye doctor, in my opinion was the best I have ever had. Of course this doctor was a woman. I love having women for my doctors. They listen, they talk. She showed me my eyeballs too! That, to me, was really cool!

Part one of the eye appointment was excellent!! Next, explaining to the optician why I have to have my glasses the way I have them... Ugh!

Every time I visit an optician for new glasses, I have to explain that I am light sensitive... Therefore the best that I have found for my eyes is glass lenses with photo grey, anti-glare, and lined bifocals. (Yes, I wear bifocals...) Anyway, I always, always get grief about the photo grey and the anti-glare. I also get grief over the lined bifocal rather than the "progressive" lenses.

You guessed it, we argued for the better part of 2 hours over just those subjects I just mentioned. Finally, I realized he might be right on the "transitions" instead of "photo grey" and he understood my argument about the bifocal lines instead of progressive lenses. Yes, you read that right... 2 hours! He thought he knew everything so he was trying to get me fitted quickly so he could go to lunch on time or something. Finally, after much deliberation, he realized he was going to need to wrap is brain around my dilemma if he was ever going to get rid of me. He finally told me that he was glad I came in because he loved his job, but lately, it had gotten boring. There weren't many challenges for him. He considered me a challenge. Hmm, is that a good thing? I hope so...

I have about a week to ten days before I get my new specs... I'll be able to see better. Yay!! 

... more later


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Aim4theNeck said...

you make everyones day more interesting.. i would say thats a great thing! ;)