Friday, April 30, 2010

This Just In!

I received a text from @PurpleBrina17 today!

Her message read:
Ronald McDonald's crazy ass just killed Burger King in front of Dairy Queen over that bitch Wendy. The funeral is at Churches. U goin'?
Of course I had to do some research and then ask other friends the same question...

In my research I found that this feud started some time ago. Apparently, Burger King thought he shot Ronald McDonald last year. So you can imagine his surprise when Ronald McDonald showed up and told him that a clone was killed instead. Shortly after this astonishing news, Ronald McDonald pulled out what some witnesses believed to be a .45 caliber semi-automatic and emptied the clip into the Burger King.

I also heard that Captain D's is actually pulling all funeral arrangements together...

However, I didn't know how I was to get there, IF I were to go.

Shortly after sending this information on, I received a text from @TwiSisterhood. She she said that you take the Subway by KFC Street to get there. She was going to ask Jack, but he's currently in a Box... somewhere.

At this point, I'm not sure I'm going. I really was spooked by that fucking head transplant that King had... He was just really creepy and such a perv (in a bad way).

Let me know if YOU are going!



Brina said...

Well, I heard that you could take the Panda Express for free if you tell them that Papa John's sent you. Then we could all go to Denny's and sat at the Round Table while we watch Carls jr play with Taco's Bell.


Regarding Christy said...

This totally cracked me up. Thanx.

Princess Violet Thorpe said...

That was just the funniest thing I've read all day! It was just what I needed too!