Thursday, June 10, 2010

“Burned” by P.C. Cast & Kristen Cast

P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast pull it off again with the next installment to the House of Night series. “Burned”, appeared on bookstands May 6, 2010 and sadly I was not one of the first to get my copy. However, excited as usual to get my copy, I quickly read to find out what happened to our heroine, Zoey Redbird.

As you recall from my book review of “Tempted”, I was all too eager to find out how our vampyres and fledglings faired in this series. We left Stevie Rae holding secrets from everyone about the imprint she had with Raven Mocker, Rephaim. Zoey witnessed the death of her childhood sweetheart by the hand of fallen warrior, Kalona. She used all that she had within her, and threw the full power of the element spirit at Kalona, attempting to kill him. The combination of all this caused Zoey’s spirit to leave this realm and move on to the Otherworld, shattering her soul in hundreds of pieces. Her body still lives but her spirit is not in her. With her soul now shattered and in the Otherworld, her circle of friends must find a way to bring her back.

“Burned” is a continuation of this specific adventure. Zoey’s friends pulled themselves together with the help of the vampyre council and found only one way to rescue her. Doing what they all do best, they each take on the responsibility of learning the history of vampyres and their warriors. Our hero warrior, Stark takes his vow as warrior to a completely new level as he learns what he must do to protect his priestess in the Otherworld.

I can continue from here and describe to you all the various adventures found in this book, or in this series, but I will not. This series is one I would definitely put on your “To Read” list. Although this is a Young Adult series, I feel it still holds enough intrigue and excitement for any adult. It is packed full of angst, friendships, honor, and love… not to mention vampyres and magic.

Each book in this series, in my opinion, cannot really stand up all on its own. You must read the whole series to follow the storyline accurately. I like the Casts’ vampyres very much. They are not your typical bloodsuckers that you read about in other novels. You find yourself hoping that this band of misfits actually lives on and succeeds. The writers do a good job of introducing you into the lives of teens you normally would hate to know, only to find you need and love them. Many are the emotions tapped as you read into the lives of these teens.

“Tempted” left me full of suspense, anger, and sadness whereas “Burned” quashed all that and brought relief. However, as is usually for this writing team, you are left with not so much a cliffhanger, but the apprehension of what is to happen next.

The next installment for The House of Night series is, “Awakened”. Although I have not heard of a release date yet, I will keep checking their website, for any new updates.



Aim4theNeck said...

well said.. this book series is now one of my fave's thanks for recommending them to me. :)

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