Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Ninja's Creed" (Movie)

Tonight I watched a movie I wish I hadn't. I really should have read the reviews first before watching this movie. The title is very misleading. It is called, "Ninja's Creed" & is rated PG-13.

In the beginning, even though it was clearly a low budget movie, I found it enjoyable. So much so that I searched the Internet to find out what book it was based on so I could read it. The only tidbit I found was another name the story had, which was "Royal Kill." The producer should have kept that name, then it would have made a little more sense.

This movie was very convoluted. At first you follow the movie where a warrior is sanctioned by a dying king to protect one of his daughters who was shuffled off to America to be raised by an "American Guardian." The movie timeline takes leaps where you are not sure how to connect the dots. You see the warrior supposedly locating the "princess" but not shown how. It's as if magically he knew where to go. You are shown a cold callous assassin who seemingly has some sort of martial arts training or some kind of mystical upbringing. The assassin apparently finds this "princess" at the same time our warrior does which again you are not offered a means to know how she found her target.

The "princess" is a scared shitless young teenage girl who doesn't know anything of her past. She is drug into this fiasco, led to believe that she may in fact be a princess, and begins to trust the warrior. She does what he says and hides whilst he turns to end the battle with the would-be assassin who mysteriously appears everywhere the warrior and girl go.

A sword fight begins between warrior and assassin... or so you are lead to believe. When the warrior finally slays the assassin, this is the point where everything goes off into right field and you haven't a clue what's happening.

Somehow, the assassin's dead body disappears and mystically becomes the warrior. There is some kind of magical osmosis that occurs binding the two into one thus apparently joining good with evil. Because this teen girl now trusts this warrior, she chooses not to run away. Stupid girl. Now the warrior turns on the girl (because the assassin is now inside the warrior) and he attacks and kills the girl.

Throughout the rest of this movie, you see the warrior struggle to only realize that he is just so joe who leads a boring life as a guard at a museum. Toward the end all I could understand was this man was no warrior at all but a psychopath who builds himself up to be something more than what he is, then looks for some teenage girl to live out his fantasy only to end up killing everyone around.

The music throughout the movie seemed more than it needed to be too. In fact, the music seemed too much for the whole movie. It gives the feeling that something big was going to happen and then nothing does.

This was really a stupid movie and a waste of 90 minutes that I will never get back. Why did I reserve this peace of garbage?


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