Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Just Hours Away...

I'm just hours away from flying to Idaho for a visit to @Needsntrvention for the New Moon opening night. I know I am really excited to go, just hope she's as excited to have me visit. In real life she's the busiest damned woman I have ever known... That's saying a lot cuz I know quite a few who do football, baseball, Scouts, etc..but they pale next to her.

Today, she surprised the hell out of me and told me that the theater there is also playing "Twilight" before New Moon & would I be interested? HELL TO THE YEAH I told her! She told me that she got the tickets & we were going!!! I am really excited about that because that means we won't have to wait in the fuckin' cold to get in... HOWEVER, she's got mom duties before Twilight so we MIGHT be late... I don't really care about that... I'm cool. I'm like a lost puppy with her... hang out, do whatever while she gets shit done. Sometimes I think its helpful cuz I try to buffer the kids a bit. But I am sure that most of the time, I'm a lump in the proverbial road to accomplishing stuff. *grin*

My flight leaves at 9:10 am from Tucson, takes 1 hr 5 mins to get to Phoenix (takes 1 hr 30 mins by car). There is like a 45 min layover in Phoenix & then off to Idaho!

Cheers all! Enjoy your Edward, Jacob, Bella face time, in theaters beginning Friday, November 20th at midnight. To me, that's tomorrow night *Thursday's night*!!!

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Honolulu Girl-Suz said...

HAVE FUN!!! *waves to you both*