Monday, November 23, 2009

Seeing Twilight Saga New Moon **SPOILER ALERT**

Most who follow me on Twitter, or even here on my blog, know that I flew up to Idaho to visit my bff @Needsntrvention. We took the weekend to see New Moon.

I believe it was either Tuesday or Wednesday of last week that I was told my by @Needsntrvention that she was able to get tickets to see the first movie, "Twilight" just before the midnight show of New Moon! I was excited on more than one level. First, that meant we wouldn't have to stand out in the cold waiting to see New Moon and second, there'd be a little bit of a reminder to what was sure to come in New Moon... Not that Twilight was that good of a movie...but my imagination understood where it was going.

I flew in on Thursday and anxiously awaited the shows. We went to the liquor store to buy booze for AFTER the movies cuz I really didn't want to be blerry eyed for NM... HOWEVER, I did buy one small bottle of Stoli just for my soda in the theater. I should have had two... Who knew.

My bff & I shared my soda w Stoli during Twilight... It was good but not enough... Hence I remembered I didn't want to be drunk...

We were surprised to see that there were not as many teens in the theater but a lot of 20 + adults. Amazingly too, there were a lot of men in there... I suppose they were trying to earn their "Chick Flick" points! Haha!

When scenes of naked flesh shown brightly on the screen you could hear the screaming... I think I flushed when jailbait removed his shirt to wipe the blood from Bella's head. Holy cow that took my breath away!

Ok, here are SOME of my thoughts on the movie. There is no particular order of fascination... yet!
  1. First and foremost this was the best fucking movie! I loved just about everything about it! I felt it followed the book very well and I also think that director Chris Weitz captured the feeling of the characters that was written in the book. Thank you Chris Weitz. *in case you Google yourself* (I do... why shouldn't you! JS)
  2. I loved the SFX with the vampires. They moved much more cleanly and it looked more realistic for vampire speed. I really loved the blur effect during the fight scenes!
  3. I really loved the transformation of the wolves! SFX there were phenomenal! I have to say that I've seen enough werewolf slow mo transformations to last a lifetime, so to just see the wolves POOF become wolves was excellent! Watching their clothes just shred... can I say... I wouldn't mind seeing more of that! GAH!
  4. I felt that Kristen Stewart *in case you Google yourself too* did an exceptional job as well. In the first movie I felt she stuttered way too much and was limited in her emotional acting, but in this one she seemed more real to me and not brain damaged. I loved the way she looked overall. That's probably how I would dress given that I am more tomboy than lady... LOL JS
  5. I really truly loved the seeing the nomad vampire Victoria (played by Rachelle LeFevre). She was sexier than ever... her hair was more red than I've ever seen it... It portrayed the Victoria I envisioned from the books much better. Seeing her running from wolves and leaping into the ocean made my breath hitch... I am really glad they put the scene of Victoria swimming toward Bella too.
  6. Bella's cliff jump was very well mastered. Seeing her there with Edward along side was an Awww moment. I really felt for Bella as she took off her jacket and bracelets to jump in when she began talking to Edward who wasn't really there.
  7. I felt so sorry for Jacob. Every fucking time he tried to kiss Bella he got cock blocked! Never got a kiss in once! Poor puppy.
  8. The notorious kissing scene next to the truck did NOTHING for me! I was so disappointed. There was NO TONGUE! Like @Needsntrvention said, you can only watch then roll their lips together so much ... there was just nothing but lip rolling and moans... albeit the moans were nice... they just made me wanting so much more! YES, I know the rating was PG-13...
  9. Of course there is the scene of the race to Volturi ... I would have loved to have seen more to that part of the movie... In the book, Alice had a few visions that lead her to the outcome. It also gave Alice and Bella more time to get to know each other. I would have preferred to see Alice choosing her car to steal too.. That was a minor point, but I think it would have added to some of the angst to getting there.
  10. Seeing Bella race to the Clock tower and finally pushing Edward out of the sunlight was the most spectacular I think. The kiss in that scene was the most touching and promising! I saw some tongue in that scene. Of course, not enough...but it was a good scene. It got me all tingly... js!
  11. The last scene...I'm not EVEN saying it... but I melted in my seat and have already made plans for June 30th 2010!
On Saturday, we went a second time! This time we went to the "Digital" viewing of the show and we took teenagers with us. The teens really did an excellent job of containing themselves. They did MUCH better than I did! I was probably not the best example. However, when Jacob took his shirt off, I peeked at the teens.. Yep they melted and swooned and gasped and bounced in their chairs... LMAO!

I am going again with MY teenager boys this week and hubs prolly next week... Very excited for that! However, I hope to be careful not to embarrass myself in front of them all.



Honolulu Girl-Suz said...

Awesome review. I think in general we all feel the same way. I have to say, I loved Victoria. Don't get wrong, I love Rachelle, but Bryson (is that her name) just looked the part and was fierce. I can't wait for June!

Brina said...

LMFAO #7 the "Poor Puppy" that's just to damn funny!!

Anonymous said...
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