Sunday, November 15, 2009

One Week To Go Until New Moon Opening Night

The anticipation of making me wait to see New Moon is so very frustrating! Twitterdom is a flurry with people feeling the same as me. All the publicity of Rob Pattinson,  Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner... (Why do I struggle to remember their names... I just want to call them Edward, Bella & Jacob.) Pictures are floating everywhere... videos go up... blogs are a flurry as well.

I am so inundated with stuff to do... my head is spinning. (Yes, I looked for an animated pic of Linda Blair with her head spinning... Yuck!) It's now Sunday & I fly out on Thursday to be with my best friend for opening night up in Idaho. I am so excited to go. However, there is a TON of shit that needs to happen before I go.

Since I home school the chillin's, I have to make sure they have work to do... Hubs is taking days off so that's good.. then I have to make sure everyone's got clean clothes cuz we know men just don't understand washing machines. Well, let's just say they don't know to put reds with darks and white underwear with whites. *grin* At least my boys know how to do their only clothes...

Then I have to make sure there is food for the beasts .... don't want them eating chips, popcorn, and ice cream the whole time. Or eating pizza and fast food every meal...YUCK!

I finally bought my luggage... I had luggage, but it's falling apart & also doesn't have wheels. It's a bitch hauling my ass across the terminals with a suitcase, backpack, and laptop... NO WHEELS... I told my hubs that I needed new luggage. So I just got a 5-pc set WITH wheels.

So, now I get to go fishing in my clothes basket for stuff to take... Yes, I said fish... I hardly EVER put clean clothes away. It's actually pretty funny when I do decide to put things away, hubs gets so lost. "Where's my clothes!" he'll holler at 6 in the morning while I'm trying to get my beauty rest.  "Did you try the closet." I respond... *thinking now shut the fuck up*

Ahh... I need music...

Obviously... I'm so distracted... I can't finish this post. I've sat here for hours Tweeting (yes, I'm addicted. Aren't you?), playing music, and trying to remember what the hell I thought was so damned important to put in my blog... *midas shrug*

I've never seen my twitter stream so busy as it was tonight. But I'm better now... Whew!

My best friend has arranged for us to see the 12:02am show on Nov 20th.. (apparently the 12:00am show was sold out). I am very excited not only to see the movie, but also to see my bff. It's been about a 1 1/2 years since the last time...and even though I speak to her everyday, I still miss her.

After that, we're hoping to have a nice visit with some wine drinking, tweeting, an pure randomness. We'll see. She's got a house full so we'll just have to play by ear. Maybe I'll get drunk & she'll be the responsible one... I hope not. No fun drinking alone.

I come back home on Sunday, hopefully not too hungover... I face the "music" with my boys after that... one of them is mad that he can't come to see the movie with me. So I'll probably take them the following week.

Well, I am signing off this thing for the night... need to get back to my shit load of stuff to do.

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